Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fear, Fear, Fear

John Piper on Fear...I also know most of my fear is sin. It goes against the command of GOD because it does not come from faith in HIS promises. It comes from unbelief. Fear is a sign of Pride and Unbelief. Pride, because of fear that some weakness might be exposed; unbelief because I'm not resting in GOD's promised sufficiency. It is a battle to take GOD at HIS word and rest in HIS all-sufficiency and do what HE commands without wavering in fear.

For months now I've been hearing about fear of man and dying to learn more about it. I honestly felt it wasn't a struggle for me...mainly because I wasn't sure how it was defined. Today I was taking a nap and of course dreaming through all the different scenarios that I am currently worried about this week...when all of a sudden in my sleep GOD gently said, "This is your fear as well as your fear of man, Sarah!" When I woke up I realized that for the third day in a row, GOD had revealed my sin to me through my sleep. This may sound cool, but sadly enough, it's probably the only place HE can get me to slow down enough to listen to HIM. So, why do I care what others might think? Is there possibly some truth in what they think? Is it revealing weakness in myself? Am I fearful CHRIST isn't enough? Should I take care of these circumstances my own way? Why do I put myself in so much bondage when GOD is the only thing worthy of my fear? I'm so thankful I ran across Piper's sermon. It has truly helped me battle to take GOD at HIS WORD and rest in HIS all-sufficiency and do what HE commands without wavering in fear. What a battle and what a struggle...but what a relief to surrender to CHRIST and relish in HIS mercy on my life.

Check out this sermon if you want!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well if you find that you become bored with your family on some of these hot summer nights...just go to your local Super Target and have your husband push you and the kids around in a shopping cart, in the parking lot at eleven o'clock at night. Seriously. It keeps him thin and looking good and the kids have a blast.


Our friend Lyn Forrest finally finished all her schooling to become a teacher as well as passed her exam...AND CAN NOW BE A TEACHER!!! YEAH!!! We are so excited for her and we sure did have a fun night at PF Changs and Bahama Bucks!!