Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had a revelation the other day. I was mopping our horrible lanoleum floor the other day and I began to get angrier and angrier as I couldn't get the huge black skid marks that streaked across half of it off. I found myself frustrated and saying things in my head, "What would possess my husband to push the boys around so fast and hard through the house on their tricycles until there were huge black skid marks on my floor THAT DON'T COME OFF!!" Who would do such a thing? As soon as I found myself complaining I realized that I would take those skid marks every day and in every part of the flooring in my home so my boys can know what it is to have a father who loves them and honestly enjoys every second of playing and being with them! WOW! How priceless. I pray each and every day for my sons that the love their father so selflessly gives them will transfer into the knowledge and understanding of how much their heavenly father loves them and pursues them every second of every day! So for now, the skid marks remain and I'm even able to smile and remember ultimately who faithfully loves and pursues me each day...my heavenly FATHER. So, for Valentines Day...I am thankful for how much I love my husband, who is such a good picture of how GOD loves me...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BLAKE, CORBIE AND CREW!!!