Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We honestly didn't do much over the weekend, but being like the spur of the moment family that we are...we decided on Sunday to go visit the grandparents and great grandparents in Jonesboro, TX. Seriously, we decided to go, packed within thirty minutes and loaded up in Blake's brothers truck for a three hour ride to the country! We had a lot of fun!! I had some time to write and study as well as get some rest! Corban and Crew had fun with Nana and Poppy as well as their great grandparents! Corband played in the creek naked and Crew stuck mostly to jeep rides with his Poppy and brother as well as pushing trucks on the porch! We are truly blessed to have family. When I see the pictures of my boys with their great grandparents my heart just melts. We are fortunate to still have them around and for my boys to know both of their sweet spirits. What a blessing!


The solace of surrender
I find myself at rest
Your peace running like a river
And peace promising Your best

Holding to you my GOD
LORD fill my mind with wonder
Take away this phony facade
Forsaking my sin, let me never ponder

Facing my shame, never pointing a finger
Have victory my GOD, let not my sin linger
I let go of contempt and this need to blame
For Your name alone deserves all the fame

To You GREAT GOD I do surrender
I now look to You, seeing glory and splendor
Giving up expectation, giving up all control
Burning Your truth on my lips, deeper still in my soul

Your solace of surrender
I know I have your rest
Your peace rushing like a river
Your peace has promised me Your best


Thursday, May 17, 2007

This would be a more accurate portrayal of our family!!

Blake Starring in James Blonde

This is an intro to a series of hilarious videos we did for our Spin weekend for our students!! Blake is the hottest James Blonde I know!! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


With a new adopted baby...getting pregnant was one of the last things on our mind. Honestly we weren't sure if pregnancy was ever even an option for us. Corban was four months old when I had an emotional break down at high school camp over a concession stand closing down and I wasn't able to buy a pickle. Stupid Concession stand guy!! That should have been my first clue. The next week we had our identity stolen and had no money for literally two weeks. My friend Lauren and I were singing at Vacation Bible School that same week. I told her I was late and I just couldn't seem to catch up on my sleep. She kept telling me I was pregnant and I just knew there was no way. Plus we had no money to buy a pregnancy test with our identity stolen and I had quit taking pregancy tests that last year because I never got pregnant. On top of all that Blake had been out of town three of the four weeks that previous month...and we had tried off and on for a year and a half. It just wasn't happening!! I went home late one night that week and was putting Corban to bed. I reached under his changing table to get a diaper and I noticed a pregnancy test. I have no idea what it was doing under there, but I put Corban to bed and went to the go take the test. Sure enough it was positive!! I couldn't believe it!! Blake and I were so excited...yet nervous that the boys were going to be 13 months apart!! Pregnancy was awesome! I always pictured Crew to be brown like Corban...yet he came out whiter than Blake! Crew has such a gentle, loving spirit. He is quiet, yet mischevious. He is beautiful. He is a lover, a wrestler, a light sleeper and a smiler. Our prayer continues on that he will know CHRIST intimately as he grows up!!


After two years of marriage Blake and I began discussing the idea of getting pregnant. Little did we know that even though we were going to begin trying, GOD was going to put that idea on hold for a much bigger purpose. I was driving out of town when my cell phone rang. There was a female voice on the line saying they had a mother that was pregnant and who wanted to place her unborn child for adoption. I really didn't understand why she was calling me or where she felt that we fit into the picture within this situation. She went on to say that even though we didn't know her, that she had heard Blake and I wanted to eventually adopt one day. One day when we didn't live financially month to month. One day...when we actually had a savings account. One day...after we had given birth to our own children. One day...when there was specifically a brown boy who needed a home. One day. I asked her what the baby was. Black. Male. I kind of got chills a bit and started immediately dreaming in my head. We needed three thousand dollars up front and around twelve thousand dollars total over time. The baby would be born in two weeks. Honestly I'm embarrassed to say that I laughed. I told this voice we would pray, but most likely to start looking for another set of adoptive parents. Blake and I fasted and prayed all weekend. Basically we made ourselves available to GOD. Afterall, if HE wanted to perform a miracle and give us three thousand dollars...we would be obedient to whatever HE was calling us to. Monday came around and we received a call from this woman again. I told her we prayed and were open to it, but that the finances were not in place and so there was no possible way for us to make this happen. There was silence, she laughed and said..."There has already been a three thousand dollar donation made this weekend to a couple needing it for the placement of a child and you are our only couple." I don't think I have ever had chills this big in my life or have I ever cried like that before. We didn't tell a soul we needed money. Just GOD. Two weeks later a precious baby was born...but GOD had a refining process in store for us. This baby was not meant to be ours, but he was meant to be with his mother that gave birth to him. As sad as it was such a sweet time. (I will hopefully blog this story in the future). Blake and I were devastated, but knew GOD had something greater in store. We continued on...somewhat trying to get pregnant when five months later we received a phone call. It was that same voice. She said there was another baby boy on the way and there were no available adoptive parents who could take him. We prayed. I was not excited. I was scared. Yet I knew without even pursuing GOD fully for an answer that this was our baby and GOD was asking us to be obedient again. We were obedient and GOD gave us our Corban when he was only 48 hours old. I am overwhelmed with grattitude toward our great GOD for blessing us with a son who was meant to be our son. I am overwhelmed with grattitude for such an amazing birth mom who carried this precious life for ten months and selflessly did all she could do for him. She could have chosen death, but she chose not only his life, but life even more full for us as a family. Corban is beautiful, smart, witty, rebelious, a little OCD, messy, wild, a warrior, a hard sleeper, a lover, a wrestler and our prayer is that mostly one day he will be a child of GOD. THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS PRECIOUS LIFE!!


THIS IS US! THE CHILTON FAMILY!! Actually we look really polished in this picture. Most of the time we are barefoot, have food on our shirts (including me), hairs a mess, running around and being really crazy. But, I have to say I love to see pictures like these. It slows me down. It makes me really process who I am and who we are as a family. My dream is here. I'm a wife and mom...and still I couldn't ask for more. It's exactly what I wanted. Blake is more than I could have asked for in a man, yet I'm not sure he always knows I feel that way and I can't imagine spending life without him. I am so thankful yet overwhelmed that four and a half years into marriage I have two children. I am amazed by HIS faithfulness to us and for some crazy reason I yearn to see what HIS future holds for us.