Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arrival Day: Travel from Nairobi to Naomi's Village

July 17, 2012 Tonight we finally finished all of our travels. It was surreal to pull through the gates of Naomi’s Village. We have seen many videos of those gates, but to see them with our own two eyes was amazing. Two brothers in Christ, Josiah and Lucas, picked us up from the airport. It is not safe to travel after dark in Kenya, however the people here felt it would be okay for us to travel with these two specific men. Josiah asked us to pray for him after dropping us off here at Naomi’s village, because he had a 30 minute drive through the jungle to his home. We asked him if he was scared and he replied, “There have been a few ‘instances’ of things going badly, but I am covered by the blood of Jesus.” Two things stuck out to me. One, he knows his need for Christ each moment here. Two, he risked his life to get us to Naomi’s Village after dark. We prayed for his safe return. We found where we would be staying pretty quickly and everyone actually got a warm shower! We unpacked all the fun gifts and costumes we got the children here. We cannot wait to meet them. Crew never complained once on our three really long flights. I was so proud of him. He is so excited to be here! I read in the Psalms tonight and I claimed Psalm 124:8. "Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth." There is true power in his name. Just like Josiah, on his drive home, knew where his power lay. We too are claiming the power of Jesus this week. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the cross. It is simply nothing we have done, but everything HE did in pouring out his blood for us! Please continue to pray for peace, unity and that the power of the Holy Spirit would move mightily through us as we minister to the people here.


alisha jenee said...

Literally cry everytime I am praying for your team! So excited for you guys and cannot wait to hear how God uses each of your unique giftings for His glory! Praying for all of your hearts and your kids as they get to experience something most kids never get to see!!! Love those sweet kids in Naomi's Village for me:)

Jamie said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your time there!

Lance Loveland said...

Sharing in the tears and joy with you all over there and what a truly amazing moment that must have been to watch and listen to Crew share the Gospel with the kids.. That is so cool! Prayers for all of you and the kids and families in Kenyan! And please give all the Mendonsa's a hug from our family! God bless!