Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kenya: Day 5

July 22, 2012

Today started with breakfast and then we had a church service here at Naomi’s Village. The church service was really a sweet time. Lauren was able to lead worship and also lead in bringing the word. We quickly left and went to lunch at a beautiful place, which was really a hotel, but they call it a country club. The scenery was incredible and we had really good food. Crew had a friend his age named Rachel. Her parents are Isaac and Esther, the pastors of Rift Valley Fellowship. Esther is a ferocious woman of GOD. She does not hesitate in how she ministers to others. She is in the home of prostitutes. She goes to the homeless. She tirelessly meets the needs of others and considers them first. She speaks truth loudly and boldly. I reminded Crew of how his dad and I always tell our boys that one way they can judge one of their future wife's character is to look at her mom. I told Crew this might be the first young girl that I would say, if she grows up to be like her mom, PLEASE marry her! He assured me, "Mom, you know Rachel is just my friend." I love that boy.

After this we finally had the opportunity to go to the church service of the Rift Valley Fellowship in Maai Maaihu. We were wondering who all would be there and we were all so excited when we saw that two of the prostitutes we had visited two days before, Mary and Zipporah. I had the opportunity to speak with Mary and hear more of her story. She said she had come to know Jesus two years ago, but because of her poverty and no opportunity for any other job she has had to resort to “hotel” work. With huge tears, she talked of how she hated that work, yet she did not want her five year old daughter as well as mother to not be provided for. She talked about how much it would mean to her if she could go to driving school, because then she could get a better job as a driver and be able to stop her job as a prostitute. I asked her why she couldn’t do this and she said there was never any way she could make enough money to afford to go. I asked how much it would cost and she said $11,000 shillings, which is $132 US dollars. It breaks my heart to think that $132 could get a prostitute off the street. I was so encouraged to see the many people flooding into the church. The gospel was clearly presented and the new people in the congregation were shocked at the fact that the pastor was in there with the people. He allowed prostitutes, addicts, and the homeless in his church. He doesn’t wear this big pompous robe and beg everyone for money. He prays for the needs of his church people. He is in the daily grind of life with them. It spoke so much to these people, because the “church” in Kenya is nothing like this. I believe having a church like this that clearly preaches the Gospel is going to draw people in by the thousands. I am so thankful for the work of Pastor Isaac and his powerful wife, Esther.

We came back in time to have dinner with the children here at Naomi’s Village. Two days ago, one of the boys I had previously written about, pulled Crew aside and gave him a cross necklace. He has really bonded with Crew and has even asked that I would leave Crew here to stay. These children do not have much so for him to part with this necklace was an incredibly selfless act. Crew was very moved by this and has not taken the necklace off. Crew decided to make him a necklace as well, so tonight we took him on a walk. They decided to sit on one of the swings outside and give him the gift. The little boy was so thankful and excited. He told Crew thank you over and over and then they took a series of photos with one another.

I had the opportunity to sit outside and listen to one of the missionaries who lives here and also pray with her. While we were praying Crew ran up and told me, “MOM!! I just finished praying with each boy in their beds as well as the house moms and they all wondered where you were!” It’s moments like these that I’m so thankful to God for the leader he has made Crew. He didn’t even ask for or need direction from me. He just stepped out and prayed over each child by himself. Please pray for each of these boys because it is hard for them as people come in and out of their lives here and they make incredible bonds with some of their visitors. Pray for our hearts as well as they are going to be so broken to leave each one of these children.

We ended the night with allowing the school aged children to finally have their turn at dressing up and having a fashion show. They had so much fun and loved every minute!!

Again, please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow we will be going to a place, which we’ve been asked not to disclose, for the sake of safety. We will be able to write about it after our experience there. Pray we will bold in bringing the Gospel to these people. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be on us and that the people there will feel Christ through us. Pray that the LORD might rescue these people. Crew asked me a phenomenal question this morning while we were getting ready for church. He asked me why God would allow the people to live like this in Africa. We have seen such extreme poverty, and yet tomorrow I feel like we will be seeing an even more extreme picture of this. We had such a great conversation about Adam and Eve and sin entering the world. We talked about how until we meet Jesus face to face there will be hardships for all to bear. I prepared him that there will be a day or days where his heart is greatly grieved and hard situations and loss will come his way, but that we can be so thankful that we will never walk alone. Christ will always be there to bear our burdens. He said he totally understood, but his little face just continued to contemplate and look down. I’m so thankful the LORD is teaching him these things so soon. Pray he is moved to be a man of GOD who is not complacent, but that is forever being a doer of the Word. Thank you for praying for us. I can’t wait to write about our adventures tomorrow.


Barbara Phillips said...

It would break my heart to leave these people. I would want to bring them home with me. Jesus went in the home of prostitutes and sinners, so why shouldn't the churches. Praying for tomorrow. Luv ya'll, Bebo

Tracy Sottiaux said...

Sarah I am so enjoying reading your blogs and sharing your incredible journey. I can't imagine what you are experiencing there. I am so impressed with the work you are doing. I can't say enough about Crew. I am absolutely blown away by him. What an awesome messenger of God's word. I can tell in your writings how the children are just soaking him up. What a gift he is and a blessing he is to those he comes across. I'm sure you miss you babies at home, but the work your doing is amazing! I look forward to reading the next chapter in your incredible journey.

Nora Z said...

Thank you for your posts. Each night I read them and I cry...tears of Joy. Our Lord is faithful to help the broken hearted always. I am in awe of your son, Crew and you.
Praying for you.

alisha jenee said...

John and I have been praying over the kids for when those questions come thankful for your conversation with Crew! Love these stories, so encouraged, and begging the Lord to move powerfully tomorrow! love you!

Marci said...

Beautifully written details..thank you for a window into your journey. Praying for all of you!

Marci said...

Beautifully written details..thank you for a window into your journey. Praying for all of you!